• Iris Eggenhuizen

Program LPC 2022

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09:00 Asker Jeukendrup NED

Chair morning session: Neil Walsh

09:20 Plant versus animal based protein

Luc van Loon NED

09:55 Can and should we measure sleep?

Shona Halson AUS

10:30 Break

11:00 Continuous glucose monitoring in sport

Asker Jeukendrup NED

11:35 Panel discussion with Luc van Loon NED, Shona Halson AUS, Asker Jeukendrup NED

12:00 Lunch

12:30 - At NEVERSECOND stand 12:45 Nutrition in the Tour de France: JUMBO VISMA

Martijn Redegeld

13:00 - At MAURTEN stand

13.25 How to beat the Dutch Nils van der Poel

Chair afternoon: Luc van Loon

13:30 Disordered eating and eating disorders in sport

Therese Mathisen NOR

14:05 Energy management and mismanagement in sport

Jose Areta ARG

14:40 Speedupdating 1:

Host: Mark Tuitert

Insect protein

Jorn Trommelen NED

Protein requirement for female athletes

Louise Deldicque BEL

Beliefs and the placebo effect

Shona Halson AUS

15:00 Break

15:30 Nutrition, energy and the immune system

Neil Walsh GBR

16:05 Blood profiling

Charlie Pedlar GBR

16:40 Panel discussion

Diagnosing and treating RED-S: the way forward?

Charlie Pedlar GBR

Therese Mathisen NOR

Neil Walsh GBR

Jose Areta GBR

17:00 Speedupdating

Host: Mark Tuitert NED

Bone density in cyclists

Jan Willem van Dijk NED

Disordered eating in male and female athletes

Rebecca Randell GBR

Rocky asks: Raw eggs or boiled?

Cas Fuchs NED

17:20 Closing

17:30 Networking

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