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Neil Walsh

Neil Walsh


Neil has recently joined the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University. Prior to this he spent 19 years at Bangor University where his team has produced leading research on: nutritional strategies to avoid immune suppression and infection; practical strategies to acclimate to the heat; and, new techniques for non-invasive biomonitoring of athletes and soldiers. His team’s work has influenced UK military policy by showing the benefits of preventing nutritional deficits in soldiers for both immune health and physical performance. Neil has published widely in international journals, co-authored a textbook in Exercise Immunology and led a highly cited consensus statement on exercise and immunity in 2011. More recently, Neil has co-authored consensus statements on ‘dietary supplements and the high-performance athlete’ for the International Olympic Committee and ‘immunonutrition and exercise’ for the International Society of Exercise Immunology. He currently serves on the editorial board of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and Exercise Immunology Review and has previously served as Physiology editor for Journal of Sports Sciences. Neil frequently provides education and training for staff at world-leading sports teams and organisations.

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