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About Papendal

High Performance Centre Papendal

High Performance Centre Papendal is the largest elite sports training centre in the Netherlands. Today, about 350 elite athletes use our top facilities on a daily basis. Papendal has been used as a training location for elite sports since the seventies. Princess Beatrix opened the High Performance Centre officially in 1971. In the years that followed, Papendal has changed tremendously. The past ten years have particularly been a period of rapid development for the High Performance Centre. To give you an idea of these developments, we have listed our history in chronological order.

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We know Papendal is unique in its sort. Its uniqueness is not merely reflected in the forest surroundings, our short distance from the city centre of Arnhem or the fact that the area is rich in culture. But that uniqueness can be found in the energy here @Papendal. You can feel it upon arrival, beyond words. You want to stay here. Staying in the heart of Dutch sporting excellence makes it even more unique.


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