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Jose Areta 

Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool UK

I work in applied exercise physiology nutrition and metabolism in humans doing research, lecturing and working on applied practice. My expertise ranges from conducting research in a physiology laboratory directly assessing the effect of nutrients and training on the physiology humans, to work on the field with performance athletes.

My work aims at understanding the interaction between physical training and nutrients (mostly macronutrients -carbohydrates, fat and protein-). The overarching goal of my work is to determine the best way to manipulate food intake to maximise adaptation to physical training as well as to maximising physical performance to achieve optimal health as well as peak performance.

This work is backed-up by my training as Biologist, with a PhD in exercise physiology and nutrition from RMIT University in Australia where I worked with world-leaders in this field and conducted clinical trials at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport. This training was followed by post-doctoral training at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, prior to my current lecturing role at Liverpool John Moores University. All this experience has given me a unique skill-set providing me the capacity of determining the effect of dietary composition in a laboratory setting and understand the underpinning mechanisms associated to physical training, adaptation and performance in the real world.

The methodology I use includes but is not limited to, molecular biology assessment of muscular intracellular responses, laboratory physiological assessment of physical capacity (VO2max, ergometer-based performance testing, lactate threshold testing, etc), exercise metabolic response testing (indirect calorimetry, blood analysis), body composition assessment (skinfold assessment, DXA, bioelectrical impedance), assessment of resting metabolic health (resting metabolic rate, oral glucose tolerance test, blood test analysis), field-based physical training, assessment of dietary intake and determination of optimised nutrient intake based on physical demands of exercise.

In addition to my current lecturing role driving research on the physiological effects energy restriction with concomitant exercise, I work with endurance athletes optimising their training and nutrition with experience providing support to elite endurance athletes from Australia, Argentina and Norway. Currently I lead the nutrition support for the Norwegian continental team 'Joker fuel of Norway'.

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